Step Outside the Casinos

Its summertime in beautiful Las Vegas and like many parents, visitors and others in our city, you’re wondering what you can do for fun that is away from the casinos. In many areas of our big desert, there is fun to be had by everyone young and old .

The Lied Discovery Children’s Museum

It has been said that children are willing to learn while having a fun time, however many parents are unwilling to believe that could be true. One step inside this museum could change your mind on this belief. From science to nature to art and other fun projects, your child’s mind (and possibly yours) will open to a fun learning experience.

Ethel M Chocolates Factory

Located on the edge of Las Vegas, this attraction gives everyone a chance to go behind the scenes of the making of chocolate and even try a tasty sample. The tours of the facilities is completely free (who can disagree with that price) and at the end, you have the option to purchase some of the best chocolate you will ever taste.

Las Vegas 51s baseball

When you think of Las Vegas, sports are not what typically come to mind. The Las Vegas 51s (named after Area 51) is the local minor league baseball team (currently assigned to the Toronto Bluejays) and you can’t have summer without baseball. The team plays at Cashman Field and there is not a bad seat in the house. With many games played at home in June and August, there is numerous chances to give your child that big game feel, experience and life long memories without the major league prices.

Local Parks

Despite being a desert, Las Vegas (and Clark County in general) has a LOT of parks. This alone is a great way to get out, enjoy some sunshine and interact with the locals. With dog parks, Frisbee golf courses, splash pads and baseball/softball games, you’re sure to find something going on at all times of the day to entertain you and your family. There may even be an opening for you to join in and make new friends.

Don’t let the thought of Las Vegas being a “strip only” destination discourage you from seeing more of the city. You might be surprise by what you’ll find and with many events and locations free, it gives you something to do every weekend.

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